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Call & Messaging from Android

Make high quality unlimited free calls from your Android Phones and Tablets to other TringMe users all over the world using WiFi or data connection. You can even make paid international calls to your friends and family on their mobile or landline numbers at our unbeatable rates.

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Mobile Dashboard

Welcome Screen

Once you install the app & login, you will see this welcome screen (dashboard) which will enable you to do various things with TringMe like making calls, sending messages, adding friends, view online users or doing chit-chat. Click on the appropriate icon to select different TringMe functionality.

Mobile Call Mobile Call Dashboard

Make a Free Call

Making a call is as simple as making regular calls. Just go to the "Call" screen from the Dashboard. Just like the regular phone app, it will show you dialer, contacts, online and call-log tabs. You can make call from any of these tabs based on your preference. From the online tab, you can see all your online contacts to whom you can make free calls.

Message Thread Message List Dashboard

Send a Message

To send a message, go to the "Messaging" screen from Dashboard. Similar to how you send a regular SMS, you can now send a message to other TringMe users. Click on "New" to compose a new message or view or reply to an existing message from here.

Android Online/Offline Dashboard

Who's Online

You can view all your online TringMe contacts by clicking on the "Online" count from the Dashboard.

Invite Dashboard

Add Friends

You can add your friends and family to your TringMe application so that you can do free calls and messaging with them. To add friends, go to "Add Friends" screen from the Dashboard and click on "Add" button next to the contact you wish to add. You will automatically see them online once they login to TringMe.

Invite Dashboard

Make an International Call

Apart from free calls to TringMe users, you can also make paid calls to any landline or mobile number in the world by using TringMe's paid call service. To make paid calls, just select a number and press call button. If the destination number is online on TringMe, your call will automatically become a free call else you will be prompted to make a paid call. If you wish to force a paid call, go to contact details and press the paid call button - callpaid. Please note that you will require credits to make paid calls which you can purchase from TringMe's website or from TringMe's mobile application.

If you do not have good network connectivity, we can call you back and connect you to your desired destination. Just select "callback" - callback - option from the contact details and we will do the rest. Please note that in this case, you will be charged for both the call-legs, one to your number and the other to the destination number.

Chit-Chat Screen Chit-Chat Area Dashboard


Feel like socializing beyond your friends and family? We can connect you with other online TringMe users to talk to. Just go to "Chit-Chat" screen from Dashboard screen and start talking. Best of it, you don't even need to know their number and its completely free.


Paid Call Credits

You can purchase credits using credit-cards or Paypal. Select "Credits" from the Dashboard menu to see you current balance and purchase credits. You can also login to TringMe's website to purchase credits. Same credits will be accessible from your mobile account and vice-versa.