Creating conference calls is extremely simple and easy to do. No bridges to set, no invites to send and no need to invest in any infrastructure. Just use TringMe's conferencing API and everything from scheduling conferences to automatically calling invitees and joining them into the conference is taken care of.

Conferencing Made Simple

Setting up conference calls using TringMe APIs is just a few lines of code. Behind the scenes, the API takes care of setting up the bridge and scheduling the conference such that the invitees can be called-back on their phone numbers at the time of conference and automatically joined-in to the conference. There are no PINs to remember. Meeting adminstrators can control several aspects of the meeting conduct. Refer to the API for more information.

Multi-point Conferencing

TringMe's conferencing service is accessible via multiple devices too. Conferences can be scheduled from the web, mobile devices, custom application and so on. Attendees can either be scheduled to callback at the time of meeting or can join the meeting using Flash widgets, Instant Messengers, SIP devices and so on.

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