SMS can be sent to worldwide destinations from any application using TringMe APIs. There is no complex setup required to leverage this functionality in your application. All you need to do is invoke TringMe's SendSMS API and leave the rest to us.

Sending Cellular SMS

Pass the destination number and message to the TringMeSMS and that’s it. TringMe sends the message to the destination number as an SMS.

Secure Private Messaging

For enterprise needs, TringMe also supports secure private messaging capabilities. In this case, the messages are encrypted throughout the journey to ensure that they cannot be read by parties for whom they aren't intended.

Enterprise Features - Complete Control Of Your Messages

Advanced features like message notification, auto-deletion etc. which give the complete control of messaging in the hands of the adminstrators are available for enterprise configuration. Contact us if you need further information.

If you are an enterprise and would like to know better how TringMe can help you reduce cost and at the same time benefit you,
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