TringMe APIs allow you to create powerful voice-enabled applications by using all the TringMe features in your application. TringMe's complete platform capabilities are exposed as well-defined, easy-to-use APIs which simplifies the entire development lifecycle - infact, with TringMe's APIs, your first voice application can go live in less than an hour!

You can add voice element to your applications using TringMe APIs. For e.g. if you want your website visitors to call you, you can integrate Push-N-Talk or Click2Call functionality on your website. If you run a B2B portal and want your visitors to connect with other users online or offline, you can easily integrate this funtionality using TringMe APIs. If your company requires an IVR (Interactive Voice Response), TringMe's VoicePHP is the solution. In other words, if you wish to provide a way for user to communicate using voice, TringMe APIs provide you complete solution.

Another advantage of using TringMe APIs is that you don't need to do any infrastructure investment. You get access to our carrier-grade infrastructure which handles tens of millions of calls per month - reliable & scalable to meet all your growing needs.

In subsequent sections, we will walk you through the simple steps required to write your own voice application. However, before you plunge-in to the details of the APIs, we recommend you to become our user and learn how our product offerings work

Made For Developers

TringMe provides Flash, REST and VoicePHP APIs which can be easily integrated in any platform, including mobile applications. It's that easy to develop and yet powerful. Develop in any language of your choice - Flex, Flash, Ajax, AIR, PHP, .NET, C, C#, Java or just plain HTML. Sample source code is provided in several languages.

Security - Hacker Safe!

TringMe supports strong encryption. TringMe API are accessible over https connection. Apart from that, all TringMe API requests from you must include checksum signature which only you can generate to avoid any tampering of the request. With security built into the API as a core, your account information is safe with us.


TringMe does not charge anything for the use of its APIs. You merely have to pay for any calls or SMS as actuals. Apart from providing the APIs for free, TringMe also provides free support so that developers can reach out in case they are stuck or have a specific requirement for their applications.

What Next?

Once you have signed-up and have familiarized yourself with how our product offerings work, the first step in developing voice application using TringMe APIs is to request a TringMe API key. TringMe API key is a unique code to securely communicate with TringMe's infrastructure. Once you receive the API keys from TringMe, replace them in the sample code and your first voice application will be up & running right away!

If you are an enterprise and would like to know better how TringMe can help you reduce cost and at the same time benefit you,
please send a mail to bizdev@tringme.com