Real-time Notifications

Real-time notifications enables a real-time interaction between TringMe's API and your back-end for a seamless integration. It provides a mechanism for receiving call related updates as they happen. You can enable real-time notifications just by providing setting back-end URL using TringMe API.

It's Pushed in Realtime

Notifications containing complete call details are pushed in realtime. Developers should not have to do any kind of polling in their application and merely need to handle the notifications as they come. Notifications contain information like the state of the call, the duration of the call, charges etc. You should capture these notifications, apply your business logic (for e.g. profit margin for the call charges) and store them on your end to present to the user as required.

Tightly Integrated Solution

The availability of realtime notifications alongwith scheduling APIs give a complete solution for users to tightly integrate the overall call control capability within their application.

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