Real-time Status Notifications

Live call status notification can be received by specifying the notify URL (‘setnotifyurl’). The notification URL will be invoked with following parameters

Set Notification URL

TringMe provides a notification mechanism whereby developers can listen for notifications to retrieve call details including call-duration, total charges, call-tag and so on. API holder can listen to these notifications and do the appropriate mark-up processing before inserting the call-related information in their database.

op setnotifyurl
url URL where notifications should be sent.
flag [optional] Reserved
Sample Request URL &url=http%3A%2F%2F Fnotificationshandler.php
Expected Response
Sample Responses

Call Notification Parameters

The parameters passed to the notification URL when invoked by TringMe Platform.

f This is an identification field and will be populated with the value ‘tm’
status Status codes – could be one of the following:
  • SRCFAILED – Source call leg failed
  • SRCNOTANSWERED – Source call leg not answering
  • SRCANSWERED – Source call leg failed
  • SRCFAILED – Source call leg answered. In case of Flash based call, this will be invoked when source call leg gets connected to destination
  • DESTNOTANSWERED – Destination not answering DESTBUSY – Destination busy
  • DESTCONGESTED – Destination could not be connected due to congestion.
  • DESTNETWORKERROR DESTCONGESTED – Destination could not be connected due to destination network
  • COMPLETED – Call completed successfully
tag Call tag passed during API invocation. Only for notifications that are generated by the system – i.e. deletechannel and voicemail notifications – ‘TRINGME’ will be sent as tag. For all other notifications, the user is required to pass tag when invoking the API.
sig Hash Signature
r Random Number used for generating the signature
srcduration Call Duration for source leg (in Seconds)
destduration Call Duration for destination leg (in Seconds)
srccharge Source leg charge in USD cents (if applicable)
destcharge Destination leg charge in USD cents (if applicable)
srcsipcharge Source leg charge in SIP credits (applicable if SIP is used)
destsipcharge Destination leg charge in SIP credits (applicable if SIP is used)
p Parameters specific to the type of Status. For USERDTMPINPUT – it contains the DTMF input digits.No other Status has any parameters.
type Following types of notifications are sent:
  • callstatus – This notification is sent to notify about changing call status.
  • cdr – This notification is sent when the call is completed.
  • voicemail – Voicemail notification is sent to API holder when the voicemail is available for the user.
  • deletechannel – This notification is sent when a channel expires due to validity. This notification will not be sent if ‘deletechannel’ is invoked by user.
email Email of the user for whom the voicemail is available.
voicemail Voicemail filename that is available to retrieve.
src Phone number of the leg for which this notification is being sent.

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