Calls can be placed in a number of ways. 1) Directly from the browser using state-of-the-art WebRTC or via Flash 2) by using a callback mechanism or 3) by using mobile APIs. TringMe's Call APIs are very flexible and provide optional functionality to play greetings before the call, handle DTMF input, broadcast to multiple numbers etc. Checkout the following ways to place calls:

From Browsers, Using WebRTC or Flash

Initiate a call directly from your own application or your own widgets. WebRTC & Flash, both are prominent technologies available on over 99% of browsers and hence the user of your application doesn't need to download anything extra to make calls. Once you invoke the API, TringMe will take care of the rest and place the call directly from your application to the destination.

Push-N-Talk widgets is an example of consumer facing application which uses this technology to place calls.

Using Callback

If there isn't good internet connectivity or if the user prefers to receive a callback, use TringMe's callback API. All you need to do is pass the source number and destination number to the TringMeCall API and that’s it. TringMe initiates a call to the source number and then places a call to the destination number.

You can use this API in all kinds of applications, including mobile applications and even on embedded devices.

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