Use Cases

Bulk Calls & Voice Broadcasting

Whether you wish to use TringMe APIs to implement a reminder/wakeup-call service or broadcast a message to thousands of users, TringMe's technology is fully capable of doing so. Messages could be stored as media files or can be dynamically built using TringMe's built-in Text-to-speech engine.

Phone Authentication

Instead of using traditional SMS which is often not received in realtime and is generally not available in local languages, phone call could be used as a means of authentication to compliment the web-based login. For e.g. a banking institution can enable such a feature to eliminate fraud cases of logins. Customers can provide their phone numbers in person to the banking institution and that can be used to callback the customer everytime an online (internet) login request to the customer's account is being tried. This happens in real-time and messages can be customized to local languages and dialects.

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