Wholesale VoIP A-Z SIP Trunking

Before we get into the nuts & bolts of TringMe APIs, lets consider few use cases to understand typical API uses:

Wholesale Rates (Last Update: Apr 15th, 2015): Download CSV

TringMe's wholesale A-Z SIP termination is backed by trusted TringMe's network and the reliability. Not only we offer the geographical redundnacy but we also offer you the choice of closest RTP gateways for the lowest possible latency and the greatest voice quality.

And the best part is, you can also use TringMe's other services for your customers within the same account, including brower based calling (Flash/WebRTC) and customized mobile applications with your own branding.

  • Billing in 1/1 increments (per second billing)
  • High quality CID routes at extremely low rates worldwide. We don't deal in grey routes but we match the price.
  • Wide choice of normal and HD codecs: G.711 (alaw/ulaw)/G.729/iLBC/AMR, HD Codecs: G.722, Opus
  • WebRTC Opus codec at all bands, fullband (48000), Super-wideband(24000), wideband (16000) and narrowband (8000)
  • Proximity Routing, the most distinguishing & useful feature. We offer media gateways across the world. You can select the nearest media gateway on per-call basis just by changing the dialing prefix. If you do not specify any, we will automatically select the best media gateway closer to your RTP end-point for the lowest possible latency.
  • API Intergration for account management, on-demand CDR and live notifications like our other services.
  • Customized rates for volume calling
  • Reliability, backed by trusted TringMe's network

Get Started

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If you are an enterprise and would like to know better how TringMe can help you reduce cost and at the same time benefit you,
please send a mail to bizdev@tringme.com